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A great way to get your business on the web for just $140 setup (up to 10 pages) plus $30 per month hosting, security and updates (billed quarterly or annually). Everything is taken care of.


You don't need to spend more to have a nice website. You don't need to compromise. If you need a new website or your website is outdated you will not find a better deal.


To Build Your Website
$140 to build your website (up to 10 pages), working together to present a professional look. Provide us with images and text as we build each page of your website. If you need  professional photos we can supply them through a stock photo service.

$30 per month. The first year is payed up front. That's $360. After that payments can be made quarterly or annually. Because we believe you will be with us for a while we are willing to invest the labor needed to build your website for much less than would be otherwise.

The demo's that are displayed below on this page are both an example of what you can have and a roadmap to help build your website in a professional manner. There are different ways of displaying content and we presented different options depending on the kind of business being presented. If you want to be more involved with your website, below is a list of a few options available.

  • Edit your pages:
    You will have a username and password for managing content on your website.
  • Blog:
    You can blog on your website (no extra cost), and you would be trained on this.
  • Add Events:
    If you have events, an event calendar can be added to your website. You would be trained to manage that.
  • Photo Gallery:
    You can have a page dedicated to a "portfolio" gallery. Also, when you blog you can create galleries on each page (called a post).
  • Food Menu:
    Visit the link below and scroll down the page to view a "menu" presentation.
    view food menu
  • Https:
    Every website on the Internet should be served over HTTPS. Here’s why:
    • Performance: Modern SSL can actually improve page load times.
    • Search Ranking Boost: Search engines favor HTTPS websites.
    • Security: Encrypting traffic with SSL ensures nobody can snoop on your users’ data.
    • Trust: By displaying a green lock in the browser’s address bar, SSL increases visitor’s trust.
    • Regulatory Compliance: SSL is a key component in PCI compliance.

Hosting is one of those things you should not have to worry about. The security of your website, the speed at which it performs, and that your website is available for your customers. We have that covered for you.

Hosting refers to where your website files are located. They are on a server, no different really than files you have on your computer, which are on a hard drive. Your domain (web address) points there and presents your website. We use SSD drives. Your website will be fast, faster than 90% of the websites on the web. This is important because your visitors are not going to wait for your page to load. We also use CloudFlare which adds a level of security as well as distributes your website accross the globe, faster.


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